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4 Types and 4 Styles Of Garage Doors

Your garage door is special to your home, and after knowing the four types and four styles of garage doors, you’ll realize that your garage door can be very customizable! When it comes to picking out a garage door, there are many factors to take into consideration before installation. 

You’ll want to consider the style, type, and right materials for how your garage door system will function. Cost, location, and aesthetics will all play a part in your decision. Choosing the right garage door type is the base ground for starting your new garage door installation.

Customize Your Garage Door Type

Customizing your garage door to fit your needs is exciting once you know what you want and decide how important these different aspects are in your decision. For example, if you live in a ranch home and would like to keep with the classical design, then chances are you’d have a sectional garage door with a traditional style. Craftsman-style houses might encourage you to install a beautifully crafted wooden door that swings out from the middle like a set of French doors. 

Choosing The Right Garage Door Type

There are four types of garage doors you need to know when considering new garage door installation. Depending on what kind of home you live in, choosing the right system is an important thing to consider. Once you know the type of garage door you want that’s right for your home, choosing the material and style will fall right into place. Also, keep the type of garage door openers in mind for certain garage door types require a heavy-duty opener and motor for lifting.

1. Sectional garage doors

When you think of a traditional overhead door, it’s the sectional garage door type! Classically, they often come in five panels, separated by hinges in each panel. Well-known for suburban homes, sectional garage doors require no driveway clearance space, which is great for a home in tight or close quarters to the street. They are extremely convenient, and you can still find these garage doors made from a variety of materials.

2. Swing-out door

Closely resembling barn doors, a swing-out door type is a callback to when horse-drawn carriages needed a place to park. Just as a traditional garage door protects your vehicle and other belongings, a swing-out door can mimic your entry door closed on side hinges and locks in the middle. You can embellish a swing-out door with handles and accent hardware that will serve your home beautifully.

3. Side Sliding garage doors

Here’s a unique option! This side-sliding garage door type allows full use of the ceiling and allows fast access, like a sliding patio door does for your backyard entry. This is an alternative solution if your garage is the main point of exit and entryway for your family. Since the tension no longer lies overhead, there’s no need for balancing garage door springs.

4. Retractable garage doors

These alternative garage doors tilt up and create a canopy while they’re open. The difference with a retractable garage door type is they consist of a single slab rather than sections that roll up a track. Single-panel garage doors allow for various styles to pick from, plus they have fewer parts in the system, which can be less of a hassle.

Choosing Your Garage Door Style

The style of your garage door plays a hand in which garage door type best fits your home and will play a hand in what material you want for your garage door installation. There are four styles of garage doors that are all popular and trending among interested homeowners. Remember, a new garage door replacement is the most rewarding home renovation, with realtor studies proving that these garage door styles are the way to a full return on your investment.

1. Traditional

Typically made from steel, traditional garage doors are clean and simple and can be customized any way you’d like. You can add raised or recessed panels to any garage door material. While they are more mainstream, they are a classic garage door style aimed to please potential buyers.

2. Modern

Imagine clean lines and functional features for a modern garage door. Many modern garage doors are made with one material to create a smooth, sleek finish. You can decide to have two to five windows placed along the side or faux wood materials to create a completely modern look.  

3. Carriage

Exhibiting historical charm, carriage house-style garage doors look good on many types of homes. Adding decorative hardware or handles in the center, making it appear that they will swing outwards, will add a nice touch to the overall aesthetic. Although the carriage style looks old school, they operate like traditional garage doors and are an excellent opportunity to add some customization.

4. Contemporary

No contemporary-style garage door is the same, as they are meant to be customized. For homes with unique architectural designs, a contemporary style is known for large glass portions and prominent aluminum on a garage door. While using a blend of glass, steel, and aluminum materials, these doors have the highest durability rates, and have little maintenance needs for upkeep. 

Best Suited Materials For Your Chosen Garage Door Type

Choosing the right material for your garage door is important because it’s going to not only impact your home aesthetically, but will also provide different degrees of insulation and durability. It will be the difference between more or less maintenance and upkeep. 

  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Glass
  • Aluminum

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