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4 Awning Advantages for Your Home

With spring in full swing and summer on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to start looking into backyard summer preparation. Whether you’re trying to increase the comfort of your outdoor surroundings for guests and family members, or just for yourself, an awning is a great aspect to start with. The hot North Carolina sun can sometimes feel oppressive when you’re trying to enjoy a book or cook on the grill, and an awning will provide the shade necessary to enhance the enjoyment of the outdoors. To learn more about the benefits of awnings check out the reasons below!
UV Ray Protection: A lot of fabrics that are included in retractable awnings provide UV ray resistance, which is highly beneficial for the people below it. UV rays can be extremely damaging and direct exposure is often linked to skin cancer. Having an awning that is UV ray resistant will help to lower that exposure level, allowing your skin to be spared from such direct impact.
Furniture Protection: In addition to protecting your body, awnings can also protect your outdoor furniture from harmful exposure to the elements. This can include sun exposure that damages and wears out furniture fabric as well as protection from water damage associated with rain. This increased protection can extend the life of your outdoor furniture!
Affordability: Awning installation is fairly easy, especially with the experienced team at Original Triad Door. The several types of awnings available make it even easier to find something that works in your budget. Awnings come in a plethora of sizes to accommodate your backyard space.
Flexibility: Retractable awnings are the perfect medium for being able to enjoy the sun on your terms. If it’s too hot and you feel the UV rays are higher than you’d like to experience on a given day, utilizing the awning lets you continue to enjoy the outdoors. However, if the sun isn’t as intense and maybe is overcast, you can retract the awning, allowing you to fully experience the sky. They are also extremely easy to use, especially the motorized feature. 
To inquire more about whether or not an awning is right for your home, a member of the Original Triad Door team will gladly discuss the options pertaining to your situation. Make your backyard as enjoyable as possible this summer with a retractable option of your choice! Feel free to contact us for all your awning installation needs!

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