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Retractable Awnings For Kernersville, Greensboro, and Thomasville, NC

Being outside in the summertime is a great experience. However, the sun can be pretty intense and can really drain the energy right out of you, or even burn you. If you want to spend time outside and enjoy the fresh air and cool breeze without worrying about the sun’s intensity, choose us! We offer awning installation to ensure you can enjoy the outdoors while staying comfortable. We have a variety of awning sizes to choose from and motorized awnings for easy operation. Call us today and read on if you’re interested in our awning installation services!

SunSetter Awnings

The service at Original Triad Door doesn’t stop at the garage; not by a long shot! We additionally offer SunSetter Awnings to help you beat the sweltering summertime heat. Thanks to these innovative products, it’s never been simpler to enjoy the outdoors in a safe and comfortable fashion.

In addition to their stylish nature, these retractable awnings also help homeowners save energy and cut back on their monthly bills. Whether you’re interested in advanced motorized awnings or more traditional manually operated models, SunSetter is sure to offer the perfect retractable awning at an affordable rate.

Types of Awnings Our Garage Door Company Provides

  • SunSetter Oasis – Turn your backyard into your own personal vacation spot! The SunSetter Oasis gives you the ultimate flexibility and versatility. Put it anywhere you want for comfortable, cooling shade.
  • SunSetter Pro – Nothing blocks the sun quite as much as this awning. The built-in drop screen provides the ultimate sun protection while still looking stylish.
  • SunSetter Motorized – This awning is so easy to operate that you’ll be using it all the time! All the convenience of this awning is available at the touch of a button.
  • SunSetter XL – Big deck? No problem! This awning will cover even the largest decks with premium sun protection.
  • Platinum Plus – Our top-of-the-line model, this awning provides the best of everything. It creates an elegant look that provides a lot of comfort.
  • Platinum Pro – In only a few seconds, you can have an instant wall of privacy for your deck. This drop screen goes down 5 whole feet!
  • Platinum Motorized – Turn your deck into an effortless vacation spot with a motorized awning. It’s better than ever!
  • Platinum XL – We’re ready to cover even the biggest spaces. This awning will leave you enjoying a wide area of shade.

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Allow one of our technicians to install a new retractable awning atop your patio area, and learn firsthand why Sunsetter is America’s bestselling awning! Give us a call today!

Reasons To Get An Awning

If you are a person who enjoys the outdoors, then an awning at your home is a must have! Chances are if you are already considering an awning, you already know the benefits. But just in case you are unaware, here are some excellent benefits of getting an awning. 

  1. Increase livable space and protect your belongings: If you enjoy spending time at home, now you can extend that enjoyment to an outdoor space. Grab some patio furniture, an awning and you are good to go. Having the proper awning can also shield your patio furniture from rain and too much sun with the proper setup.  
  2. Helps Keep You Cool: On very sunny days, sometimes the sun can become a bit much for even those who have to spend most of the year in the cold. With an awning, you can enjoy the outdoor breeze and remain in the shade. 
  3. Save Money: Believe it or not, having an awning could potentially save you money on your utilities. Depending on the setup of your house and the location of the sun in regards to your home, your AC could be battling the sun on a daily basis. Having an awning set up in a location that the sun directly passes through, would create shade and allow the interior of your home to be cooler and not require the AC to kick on, thus saving on your bill!
  4. Improved Aesthetics: Due to the wide scope of materials, sizes, colors, and shapes of awnings, it can add the perfect visual appeal to your property. So not only will you stay cool, you can look great while doing it!

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