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Which Retractable Awning is Best For You?

Control how much sun your backyard receives by installing a Sunsetter awning from Original Triad Door Company. With a retractable awning, you reap the benefits of an extended roof with even more ease and convenience than a window. Without building a permanent structure, a professionally installed retractable awning lets homeowners safely enjoy their outdoors minus a sunburn.

Before Sunsetter Awning

The Types of Awnings that Look Great on Any Home!

There are eight popular configurations of Sunsetter awnings, including their manual, motorized, and platinum series that supply ample shade against the hot North Carolina sun. Each has enough headroom for your guests to freely stand up, mingle, and walk inside for a refill while you’re hosting a backyard party. Beating your table umbrella out of the water, you just can’t go wrong with these following Sunsetter Awnings that look great with any home:

SunSetter Oasis – Giving you the ultimate flexibility and versatility for poolside, tableside, or patio side, this awning can be set up anywhere. Traveling to the summer lakehouse? Take the Sunsetter Oasis with you for comfortable, cooling shade.

SunSetter Pro – Nothing blocks the sun quite as much as this awning. The built-in drop screen provides the ultimate sun protection while still looking stylish.

SunSetter Motorized – Talk about a major upgrade from an umbrella! With this motorized awning, you get the most effortless, cooling shade. The full-coverage awning is so easy to open, close, move, and adjust that you’ll be using it all the time! All the convenience of this awning is available at the touch of a button.

SunSetter XL – This awning can cover even the largest of decks with premium sun protection. You can still enjoy Sunday brunch if there’s a chance of passing showers with this model’s extended projections and drop screen.

Platinum Plus – Our top-of-the-line model, this awning provides a lot of comforts. It offers a finished, elegant look with a durable aluminum covering that protects your retractable awning fabric all year round against dirt, wind, and snow.

Platinum Pro – In only a few seconds, you can have an instant wall of privacy for your deck. The Platinum Pro has all the same features as Platinum awnings, plus a built-in windbreaker. This drop screen goes down five whole feet, blocking 85% of the sun and glare.

Platinum Motorized – At the touch of a button, turn your deck into an effortless vacation spot with a motorized awning. 

Platinum XL – Covering the largest area of shade, this awning will leave you enjoying a wide area of protection coverage, over thirteen feet of shade!

Retractable and Versatile Awnings

You may ask: Do I have room for a retractable awning? The best thing about the types of awnings we professionally install is their versatility. You can create an open space with the environment a Sunsetter awning creates. No matter your backyard’s setup, a retractable awning is virtually maintenance-free and devoids unwanted heat that enters your home through windows. 

These awnings are meant to take up space in your backyard when needed and disappear when you don’t. Now you have the option to turn your backyard into your own outdoor paradise! The different awnings give you the option to shade an outside area from rain, snow, hail, and excessive sunlight, making hosting a big party comfortable

Original Triad Door Installs and Repairs Sunsetter Awnings!

If you’ve been thinking about how to spend more time outdoors, a retractable awning is a perfect solution. Lovely to look at and easy to retract when you don’t want to, we exclusively install and repair Sunsetter awnings for your home near GreensboroWinston-Salem, Burlington, Lexington, NC, and the surrounding Summerfield, NC areas

To enhance your backyard experience, allow one of our technicians to install a new retractable awning atop your patio area and learn firsthand why Sunsetter is America’s bestselling awning. Call us for any special requests! We know there’s an awning for you, and we’ll help you make the most of your retractable awning.

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